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October 23, 2007

Google Phone Confirmed…

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If I get a new phone with all sorts of apps on it, I don’t want to have to re-invent the wheel. 

No new calendar

No new photo program

No new notes

And please, no new desktop program that I have to upload to my computer and, possibly, have to constantly connect to in order to keep both phone and program in synch.  Palm OS, I’m talking to you. 

 But if Google made a phone… and it was designed to work with all of my pre-existing apps, then we’d have something!

In a way, it is a backwards approach, creating the content before creating the hardware.  Google already has all the applications in place along with millions of users.  Creating a phone that will allow users to bring their pre-existing applications with them, without having to reset or rebuild, is an extremely enticing idea.

Just imagine, all of your mail, docs, notebooks, readers, photos, maps and videos readily available at a moment’s notice.  Yeah, I know you are probably already telling me that iphone, Treo and all the other ones have the ability to link to the mobile versions of these programs but it is not the same.

I’m talking about a phone where I place in my one username and password and then all the applications are ready-to-go (think a mobile version of google desktop); ideally, they are just a simple click away from the phone’s desktop.  No jumping to various websites and no downloads of new applications.  Think plug’n’play, take’n’go w/ my phone.

The expectations for such a phone are huge, in fact, Gizmondo has already released their wishlist of apps they really want to see the phone contain. 

The only thing I would add is that the ‘gphone’ needs to have an adequate harddrive right at the start… not a 4-8GB version that will become obsolete within the first 6 months of manufacturing.

Not mention anyone in particular, I’m just saying…

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