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December 15, 2007

Saint Iggy by K.L. Going

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Iggy Corso is about to get kicked out of school, but don’t worry, he has a plan to change everybody’s mind about him. 

First, he’s going to save a kid from a crack dealer, just like that guy in the paper did. 

Then, he will get his name in the paper for doing so, just like that guy in the paper did. 

Finally, he will bring that paper to his school hearing, show it to the  committee who will change their minds about him, not kick him out and let him come back.

Simple enough, right?

But time is of the essence, his stoner dad is no help, his mom hasn’t been seen for over a month, his friend has just made a really bad drug deal with a really bad dealer and he has to find some way to save somebody in order to get that much-needed mention in the paper.

K.L. Going created another great story that transcends deeper than the average YA novel.  As Iggy tries to find the right things to do, he looks towards his anti-materialist friend, a priest, former principal, a cop and memories of his mother to find answers.  What he finds is that good deeds are both simple and complex at the same time and he is left with the bigger question of whether good can come out of a bad deed (i.e. the Robin Hood dilemma).

Can he change people’s minds about him by doing some bad but good?

Although there is nothing particularily suprising in this book, it was a very enjoyable read through the quality of writing.  Good books make you feel for the main character and Going always seems to have that ability to connect.  I found myself sad for Iggy’s situation, near tearful when he finds his mother and really hoping that Iggy would find a way to show everyone the good person he really is.  His decision in the end convinced me taht Iggy is at-heart a good soul who is trapped by his pridicaments, but a good soul nonetheless.

And without spoiling the story, I wonder if any of the other characters in the book changed their minds about him…

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