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May 31, 2007

8 Things meme

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I’ve been tagged for the 8 Things meme by my Teacozy “real life” buddy.  The rules are as follows:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I’ve been working on a book for about 2 years now.  Since I am anal retentive, the plotline is written out and yet I am only on the second chapter of the book.

 2.  I’m a guitarist who is unable to tune the note B.  I have a gap in my hearing pattern that makes me tonedeaf to the frequency which is known as B, and the higher the frequency of B the worse my tuning ear gets.

3. I have a bad habit of leaving closet doors, silverware drawers and kitchen cabinet doors open.  I claim it is to test whether we have ghostly spirits in the house (if the doors slam shut by themselves, that’s a hint)… it’s a total lie.  I’m just lazy and forgetful.  What’s strange is that:

4.  Oddly enough, I am fanatical about making sure the doors and windows are locked and closed when I go to bed.

5.  I almost became a received a degree in Organismal Biology and Evolutionary Science.  I decided to go with an Science and Education degree instead.  If you ask me now, I wish I went with OB instead.

6.   I still love going to zoos.

7.  I have one major goal in life… I need to visit Australia at some point in this lifetime (see the connection in the last 3 things).

8.  My dream job would be a golfer.  I don’t need fame and fortune, just enough to play golf and raise a family.  There is not enough time in the day for me and golf.

The people I tag are, and I apologize if any have already done so:

Amy and Mary of Pimp My Library


Crazy Roommate


 And since the rest of my buddies have all already been tagged… I’ll leave the list as is.

May 24, 2007

American Idol Finale…

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First off, congratulations to Jordin Sparks.  You got the name, the look and now the title.  Since you have all those now… can I have the Mustang?

I’m just sorry that your award night wasn’t half as good as the previous year.

It was a night of ballads and social conscience.  Now, I can appreciate the feeling of a ballad, in fact, I have to say that each performance was pretty good.  The problem was with that they had too many of them and it set kind of a somber, low key mood for the night.   And that is largely what the night was.  Even Green Day, who I love, went with an undanceable and moody song.

Greenie, be political, be stirring, be thought provoking… but at an awards show with just one song to impress, choose one that will rock their socks off, not soemthing that mellows them back into the seats!

Last year’s finale was more of a good times celebration doused with high, high energy.  Even the ballad queen, Kathryn Mcphee did a pace-changing rock ballad with Meat Loaf.  Really, the only two things I can think of for last night was Blake’s duo with Doug E. Fresh (which was awesome) and the premiere of Taylor Hicks’ new song.  I can’t remember the name of it but it’s kind of like that other song he released.

I’m glad that it seemed everyone at the Kodak enjoyed their time but it was a bit unwatchable from home.  After forty minutes I treated the night like any of the other results shows, I started surfing channels to see what else would entertain me until the official results were announced.

Other than that… Joe Perry, you rock.  You have an open invite to my house whenever you’re in town and want to jam.

May 22, 2007

MySpace to give up list of sex offenders…

Filed under: Digital Ethics,Ethics,Internet,policies,Technology,technology woes — Tyler Rousseau @ 3:21 pm

Man, this is a tough one.  My many sides are really battling each other.

The librarian side of me screams about the rights of privacy and shuns them for giving in.

My business side wonders if it was necessary in order to keep the website alive… one too many lawyers to hire and enough bad publicity. 

My researcher side of me tells me that underage children are lying about their identities on the site as well.

My educator side agrees and says we need to teach or children about digital ethics and how not to invite trouble into your life.

My logical side agrees and knows that this wont stop unregistered pedifiles from getting to our children.

Which leads to my rational side of me wondering if there are better ways of creating profiles that help avoid these problems on Myspace.

And through all this, the parent in me says damned straight!  It is amazing how strong that voice became when my wife gave birth to our child.

All in all, I really don’t know how to think of this.  Yeah, in a way I feel that they are convicts and deserve what they get now; but they are still citizens and therefore have all the rights of any other citizens despite their past actions… and some people do reform and have the right to a normal life.

 I simply don’t know… anyone else?

Portis’ comments on dogfighting… bite me!

Filed under: Ethics,rants — Tyler Rousseau @ 3:07 pm

First off, I will apologize to the strict-library readers of this blog; this is a complete non-library post.  It is a post about sports, laws, animal rights and the bubbles which celebrities live in.

 But it is pop culture… so I can kind of justify it through that.

On April 25th, Police executed a warrant into Michael Vick, quarterback for the Altanta Falcons, Virginia home for suspicion of drugs.  Upon searching the house, police found anywhere (depending on which news source you read) from 12-60 dogs and equipment that presents evidence of dogfighting.

Okay, fair enough, the search warrant was for someone other than Michael Vick… someone Vick knows and allowed to stay in the home.  I’m even sort of willing to go with the fact that he rarely visits the property and during any of the rare visits to the property never saw the dogs or mistreatment of them.  I’ve seen some of Vick’s throws last season, it is quite possible that tunnel-vision effects him at home as well.

But the comments made by Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels in defense of dogfighting bordered on absolute stupidity.

Yesterday, Clinton was quoted as saying, in defense of Vick; “But it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it.”  Apparently, Clinton assumes that a person who owns property is immune to any state or federal laws for any wrongdoing on the property (dogfighting is a felony in the state of Virginia).

Samuels and Portis furthered justified the crime by making statements that other people, like police and judges, probably dogfight as well.  Whether true or not, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that dogfighting is a felony.  Upon making these statements, Portis stifled laughs.

So, I guess the question comes down to why I am posting this on my blog.  As best I can answer, it deals with the philosophical side of me that is tired of hearing false analogies used by atheletes and celebrities in order to justify their behaviors.  Forget the notion of whether it is morally wrong or not, it is illegal and they know that… so, let’s stop hiding under a victim’s shawl and ignorant fronts.  Make a stupid statement, and retract it later, then you deserve the negative publicity your are receiving.

 But the animal lover side of me also wants to support fox support Kevin Hench and his statement; on behalf of every dog I’ve owned… “bite me.”  

Once again, I apologize to any reader who doesn’t care for the once-in-a-while rant I throw in this blog. 

May 21, 2007

Teen Librarians. Who we are and what we are not.

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As a Young Adult Librarian, I have made the professional decision to immerse myself in young adult culture; the books they read, the music they listen to, the resources they use for information.  I have also taken on the responsibility to provide programming opportunities for the teen community to participate in, if they choose to do so.  In other words, teen resources are my specialty.

But I am not the babysitter for every teen that enters the library.

And I am not the only person capable of handling teens’ questions.

I am not disciplinarian for all teens.

Nor are my job responsibilities significantly different from any other librarian.

 I am not their babysitter- Teens that come into the library are my specialty, not my responsibility.    Just because a teen enters the building, it does not mean they can only be in the Teen Section.  Teens have the same rights as all other patrons, they are allowed to go in any other part of the library.

I am not the only person to handle a teens’ question- Listen to the needs of the patron first and then figure out if my expertise is needed.  If they know the name of book they are looking for, help them.  If they want to find out where the copier is, show them.  But, if the teens wants book recommendations, programming information, research help… I’m your person.  Remember, I don’t send every old person your way.

I am not the teens disciplinarian- If teenagers are acting up in the library, this is not my fault.  Furthermore, don’t send me the rambunctious teen and tell me to “deal with them.”  In doing so, you have negated your own authority in the teens’ eyes.

My job responsibilities aren’t significantly different- If you don’t expect the rest of your staff to work multiple nights, then it shouldn’t be expected of your YA Librarian.  If your typical Reference or Children’s Librarian does two programs a week, don’t expect the YA Librarian to have programming everyday, or every moment that teens are present.  If you don’t expect your other programs to have 100% attendence from members of the library community, don’t expect every teen to show up for every program.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of good Teen Librarians who leave the position because of they discover the job expectations are disproportoinate to other positions in the libarary.  Consider families, consider the lives outside of job and please consider the wear and tear you put on your Teen Librarian when you send them patrons you personally would rather not deal with.

We are programmers, we are selectors, we are outreach and we are staff members dedicated to maintaining the enthusiasm and interest of the library’s future adults, future taxpayers, and advocates.  We do not need a thank you for this… we just ask for your consideration.

May 19, 2007

The Art of Subtitles- A NY Times article

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The New York Times published an article about the art and difficulties that go into creating subtitles for foreign films.  As a person watches a fair amount of foreign films, I found the cultural translation dilimmas interesting as I have often been left to wonder what the heck the subtitles were actually meant to refer to.

 Now I know…

Strange Search Terms Meme…

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Most bloggers have a natural curiousity as to how people come across their blog.  Fortunately, most services provide a section that tells them what search terms were used by individual users. 

As for the start of a “Strange Search Terms” meme, I will go with the following top 5 list.  I’m going to make just a trickier on myself and not make all five search terms that are strictly pornographic… I swear, you blog one story about a oopsy on a news station and the entire adult community comes raining in…

 5.  Naughty Guy-  Which one, specifically, I couldn’t tell you.

4.  Baby Accident- I’m hoping this is more a failed potty training experience than a hand-caught-in-the-door kind.  I get at least two hits a week from this search string and I haven’t a clue why.

3. Zombie Appreciation Day- I know Halloween kind of wraps this one up… but it still seems a good idea to me!

2. How to Make a Gun- Why this term gets me hits, I don’t know.  The conspiracy theorist part of my brain is super paranoid about it though as I fear there will be a day that men is black suits comes to my house “just to talk.”

1.Vampire Porn-  There really isn’t thing to add here… yikes.

AAAAAnd here are the five people I tag to share their terms.

A Chair, A Fireplace and a Teacozy

Library Garden

Dearhearts-  I am a little scared to see what terms are used for your site ;)

Redhead Fangirl

Sum Librarian

May 17, 2007

Personality Goes a long way on American Idol

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If we were strictly talking about talent, Melinda Doolitle would still be on American Idol. And Sanjaya’s singing career would be limited to subway performances… I’m sorry, no links for Sanjaya… I just can’t endorse him on any level.

But singing is about more than just a voice, there has to be personality behind it.   For personality, we are willing to forgive young people singing “old people” songs and techno-pop remakes of classic songs.  We may even praise them for it. 

Considering that, it’s not surprising that Melinda left last night, there is no way she could compete with  Jordin and Blake.   Jordin had spark, no pun intended.  She simply was able to drop herself into a song and make you listen to the story.  She was also brutally honest with herself and even thrashed herself for a really bad Bon Jovi song.  Blake’s confidence to remake songs made him interesting as viewers always wanted to see what song he would mess with next.  And always looked like he was happy to be there.

Golly gee, you really think I’m a good singer? doesn’t win votes.  When you finish a song and then stare in blank surprise at the audience’s positive reaction, it becomes a turn off for viewers.  You simply don’t get this far in the competition and have absolutely no clue that you are a good singer. 

Simply put, singing requires confidence.  But that naive sort of humility became Doolittle’s trademark… and I am willing to bet that I am not the only one who found it just a little fake.

Congrats to Jordin and Blake, your personality shone through.

May 15, 2007

Salmon Doubts by Adam Sacks

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Geoff is a salmon.

Geoff worries way too much.

Why was he born?

Why do we die?

Why is it so easy for everyone else to meet girls but so hard for him?

Why is it so important to be part of a group?

This graphic novel is far less about plot than it is about the angst which we all go through when examining our lives.  Geoff represents the introspective person who pays attention but just never seems to understand what is happening.  He’s always looking around to see why everyone seems to be in such a hurry to get back where they came from.  He is always worried about whether he’ll meet a girl and spawn.  And in the end, why is any of this such a big deal in the first place.

If a library or school wants to start a book discussion group with a graphic novel, this is a great one to go with as it is easy to justify the message. 

May 14, 2007

Pandora helps you find new music

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Although I do have a fairly respectable (read as: large) collection of music I am always on the watch for something new. The problem is that I tend to waste a lot of money on bands that “sound like” my favorites, only to find out $18 and an hour later, they really aren’t something I wanted to spend my money on.

Thanks to Pandora, that is changing.

Pandora is the fruition of the Music Genome Project. Each song entered into the site is subject to classification through genre, decade, musical composition, harmonies, keys, progression and much more. The result is when you put in a favorite song or artist in the search box, Pandora creates a station compiled with artists who closely resemble many of your favorite band’s qualities.

Furthermore, the station is always working towards making the ideal listening station for the listener. Each song can be given a thumbs up or down. Thumbs up will be used to first compare the qualities of your favorite band and your new song and then target even closer to bands of similar sounds. If you give a song a thumbs down, the station will skip past the song and never play it on that station again.

The result is quite impressive. I have five stations that are based off of my favorite rock with punk influence and, because of the thumbs up and down options, each one sounds different from the other. Now, I have several new bands to follow:

Pansy Division- Tired of being ostracized for being gay, John Ginoli and Chris Freeman created a gay-friendly punk band with unabashed lyrics and a good sense of humor.
Sanctus Real- A Christian rock band willing to break its contract with major labels in order to play songs they love.
Augustana- Young band rising on the charts and it’s no wonder. As they describe their own album, “its a young and scared record…and it’s real and from our hearts… “

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