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March 31, 2007

I’ve Been Tagged…

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And it feels weird!  Maybe that’s because there is also a lascivious bodywash with the same name and so I kinda feel like I should’ve  gotten dinner or something first… sigh.  But, at any rate, I thank Tea Cozy for thinking of me as a legitimate library resource… happiness.

As for my top 5 non-library blogs, they are:

Lifehacker- They search the web and find all the useful stuff which helps me better organize my life.  Everything from tech tips to time management.   Not to mention, a fantastic modo.  “Don’t live to geek; geek to live.” Perhaps I should explain that I almost got my Bachelors degree in Organismal Biology and so it makes sense that I have a certain love for reading about cryptids.  I like this site because they tend to cover both legitimate and sensationalized stories from around the world and adamantly believe in all of them.  As for me, I’ll believe in giant octopus and perhaps thylacines but you will not find me dedicating my life to discovering chupacabras anytime soon.

 National Geographic News- Hey now, where else can you get a magazine that covers everything you learned in school and shows you that it is still important?  As far as I am concerned, National Geographic News might be the one site that everyone should read on a daily basis.  They also post a weekly podcast on this site as well; so not only are they smart but incredibly hip as well!

Sci Fi Tech- Sci Fi Channel scours the web in search of gadgets of both the useful and bizarre.  I check this site about once and always something something to enviously drool over and another that almost requires aspirin because it is mind boggling.  An absolute must read for any tech junkie.

 The Onion- I know, not everything with an RSS feed is a blog, but I’m counting this one anyway!  Perhaps it is because I can guarantee a laugh everyday.  There are a lot of spoof sites out there but, honestly, aren’t they all  just pale imitations of this one?

As for my shout-outs, you guys have chosen most of them!  I am going to make sure to tag Alternative Teen Services, because even though they have been a little slow with their posts as of late (but I am not one to talk), they always put up good ones!

March 28, 2007

Irony in the library…

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A patron painfully walked up to the reference desk yesterday and asked me where our books on back pain are located.  After finding the Dewey number I walked her to the shelves where the books are found.

Good thing too because it turns out our books dealing with back pain are on the bottom shelf!

March 27, 2007

DIY- Gaming through your Digital Projector

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Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero or any game is cool enough at the library but if you really want to wow them, put the game on the big screen through your digital projector.  It is a lot easier than you think.


 With the RCA plugs that connect your gaming console to the TV (shown on left), only plug the red and white cables into the TV’s AUX inputs (usually in the back of the TV).  When the TV is on the right channel, usually Input 1 or AUX, the sound of the console will play but there will be no video.  Don’t panic… you haven’t hooked up the yellow cable yet.

Take the yellow cable and run it into the video input of your digital projector (you might have to change the input settings on the projector itself).  Believe it or not, you are good to go!

  Depending on how much chord you need, you might have to purchase an RCA extension cord.  Fortunately, these are fairly cheap and can be found at your local Target or Radio Shack.  It should look something like this:


Personally, I am hoping for a surround sound system in our library so that the teens will be able to get the full 5.1 sound experience the new games have to offer!

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