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August 31, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

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Strange but true, the person who uses this moniker actually does play music.  Tonight, I will have a short spot at the Fundraiser for Hankcock County Libraries (destroyed in Hurricane Katrina) at Brick Library.

 There will be three other performers, vendors, and even a henna artist at the event.

 I’m thinking of getting a henna tattoo next to my real tattoos and playing “guess the fakie” with our kids.

August 29, 2006

Flammable laptop batteries and airplanes…

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I flew out to Colorado this weekend for a wedding and there was a tremendous hassle about liquids aboard the plane.  The checkpoints were even more meticulous about checking luggage and carry-ons than ever before.

But on all flights my wife and I took, there was always a person who had a Dell laptop on the plane.  I had to wonder how many of them contained the recalled burning batteries. 

Seemed to me that 4.1 million potentially flammable batteries should deserve at least as much attention as a half filled bottle of water.

I saw it on television…

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A friend of mine made a good point about television and its so-called negative influence.

We always hear stories about kids who hurt themselves or commmit bad acts because they “saw someone one TV do it.”  Usually, this is followed by the parents blaming everyone but themselves for for the lack of forethought from their child.

However, we never hear of children doing good deeds because “they saw someone do it on TV.” 

Is it because there are no good acts to be seen on TV or, perhaps, the parents are quicker to blame themselves for their child’s new-found virtue?

August 23, 2006

Iron Maiden’s New Single

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Click to closeNormally, I don’t pay much attention to 80s metal bands reuniting and putting out albums.  Iron Maiden is a different story.  I waited outside of too many ticket vendors for far too many hours to simply forget about them.  And the return of Smith and Dickinson certainly didn’t hurt either.

Last week, Iron Maiden released a free preview of their single, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg.  Honestly, the video is terrible, it’s seven minutes worth of concert and studio footage but the song is awesome.  My recommendation is to select the feed, open a website that will cover the video and listen to your heart’s content.

And for any of you who are wondering who Benjamin Breeg is, I’m afraid I cannot enlighten you.  All I can tell you is that the phrase on the tombstone in the picture basically translates into here lies someone whom little is known.

August 22, 2006

Neat Honda Commercial

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I’ve seen this commercial before but always thought that it was computer generated.  However, after checking into it, the Honda corporation, as well as the producers, insist that this commercial has no special effects whatsoever.  According to the producers, two Hondas were completely disassembled in order to make the commercial, which took 606 attempts to perfect. 

I’m hoping they spend as much time and money on safety.

News Covers Porn… or news covers stories with little coverage

Filed under: humor,Technology,TV Time — Tyler Rousseau @ 1:19 pm

A couple days ago, a Swedish news channel accidentally placed the wrong backdrop feed (normally being other news stories) behind its announcers and replaced it with a Czech porn film.  The entire incident lasted a couple minutes and the producer was very quick to apologize for what could only be called a really big mistake.

As I read this, I pictured thousands of Swedish men insisting to their wives that they are indeed watching the news “strictly for the articles.”

August 18, 2006

The Onion knows about Libraries

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The Onion

Dewey Decimal System Helpless To Categorize New Jim Belushi Book

I’m actually fairly surprised at this article.  Not that it is any more or less intelligent than their others but it seems they actually have a writer with some sort of Librarianship background.

Blood Alone by Masayuki Takano

Filed under: Graphic Novelist and Artists,Graphic Novels — Tyler Rousseau @ 1:24 pm

Misaki is a young and loving girl, who was transformed into a vampire. She is watched over by Kuroe who, from his own tragic past, now has the ability to “see” the vampires from the living. Together, they help the police track down a supernatural serial killer whose crimes span almost 50 years.

Do not be suprised if this becomes one of the next big manga titles. From the start, this is a well defined, character driven series, that relies on the psychology of the events rather than the shock of blood and gore.  And the ending of the first volume is simply awesome!

 I am anxiously awaiting the second volume of this series… only a short two months away.

August 16, 2006

XBox Wants You to Make Games

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The Sci Fi Channel is way more than just Eureeka, Who Wants to Be a Superhero and incredibly bad horror films at 3 AM.  In fact, they have a really great tech site filled with the latest, and often gratuitous, gadgets. 

While visiting the site, I came across an article that states the XBox360 is going to provide the XNA Game Generator software for free.  If you want to share your games with other people though, then you need to pay $99 per year… not too bad really.

August 14, 2006

RIAA Sues Dead Man’s Family

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I’m not sure if anyone really believes the RIAA is in it for the artists integrity anymore… they seem to have made it fairly clear that they are financially motivated and hell bent on “making a point.”

Telling a student at MIT he should drop out in order to pay the fine kind of bordered on sleazy.  Not necessarily evil, but definitely crummy of them to think their drop in the bucket fine warrents the end of an academic career…

But suing a dead man’s family  doesn’t just border the realms of bad taste, it is the house that holds it.   Here is their official request.

In fairness to theRIAA, the link above does show their tender side, a request to give the family a 60 day extension before going to court… y’know, in order to cope with their loss.

I wish, I really do, that any of this was a joke.

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